About Wisconsin Ghost Hunters

We are the Wisconsin Association of Supernatural Phenomenon or WASP.

WASP was founded on the principle that the paranormal is a disruptive reality for some.  We investigate then educate about the paranormal. Our method of investigation is scientific and is based on the applied science of paranormal investigation. We use a high-tech approach through collected data, audio and video to gather evidence either for or against paranormal activity.

It is important that you feel comfortable in your home or place of employment. Through our research we can provide you a piece of mind and if present, explain why paranormal activity is occurring, also what you can do to deal with it.

Once the investigation evidence is analyzed, we will report our conclusion to you. As a public service, copies of evidence may be posted on our website. If you need a professional team that is passionate about investigating the paranormal please share your personal experience with us by contacting us today.

Coming the Fall of 2013 WASP will release it’s first production, Haunted State, a documentary about Wisconsin’s most famous historic buildings and investigating the paranormal folklore inside.

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